Musings from a small-scale beekeeper

A winter tale

“Hey!” “Get off my head!” My sister runs on, ignoring me. I don’t really mind, I’m as tough as nails even if I’m only just emerging from my cell.  The word “cell” doesn’t do justice to the snug, warm, incubation chamber that enveloped me as an egg, then larvae and finally pupae during the lastContinue reading “A winter tale”

Dipped beeswax candles

How could you every bring yourself to burn a beeswax statue of an elegant maiden or a nativity scene or cute little duckling? The candles on display at a honey show are gorgeous. The variety of shaped moulded candles are unblemished and perfect. There are small beeswax animal shapes with little wicks sticking out ofContinue reading “Dipped beeswax candles”

Floor wax

On my hands and knees scraping the hardened rubbery, yellow/brown substance off the floor I promise to ban myself from the kitchen. The trouble is that I like honey but I love beeswax. It brings out my creative gene…there’s so many things that can be done with beeswax, apart from lodging blobs on the floor!Continue reading “Floor wax”

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